Caring for your jewelry


To make your jewelry last and always look great, certain care should be taken in the wearing, cleaning and storing of each single piece.

Take off your jewelry when:

-Cleaning the house or using harsh chemicals

-Putting on lotions, perfumes, shaving cream or other beauty products

-Doing laundry

-Bathing and showering

-Using swimming pools and spas


How to clean your fine jewelry


Some very delicate pieces may need the special care of a professional jeweler, but some other pieces can certainly be cleaned by you in a gentle way using mild soap and water to rinse. Remember to always dry your jewelry pieces with a soft cloth. Water can leave residual stains on your precious metal.

For some less delicate and more soiled jewelry, you might use an old soft toothbrush with a little amount of toothpaste. Brush gently, rinse and dry.


Other kind of jewelry and fashion jewelry


Jewelry cement might be used for certain jewelry, so special precaution should be taken when cleaning this kind of pieces and it's always a good idea to use some common sense.

Wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft one. Avoid soaking in water!

Always store your jewelry in their boxes to prevent oxidation and other problems!